English Ministry

The vision of our church:
Tacoma First Baptist Church (TFBC) strives to reach out to the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as it builds bridges between church and community, connecting one generation to another, and one culture to another.

• Bridging all generations
We have a mission to raise our children to be faithful soldiers of Jesus Christ. We have to pass on our faith to the next generation. This requires different generations within the church to open their hearts to each other so that respect and trust will develop between one another. The existing gaps between generations can be filled by sharing in the truth of God’s Word. We must strive together to uphold the biblical truths, values, and visions according to the Word of God. When all stand firm and united in the Word, any difference that arises among generations—either it be a cultural or social—will lead itself to true understanding. The power and love of the Cross has power to break down any wall and to bring together all kinds of people under one Name and one Vision: saving the lost souls and glorifying God’s name. This is our duty and responsibility for the next generation

• Bridging the church and the world, our community
Jesus told us that we are the salt and light of the world. If the church loses its saltiness and fails to shine out its light, it becomes powerless and loses its value. A church will be able to carry out its mission when it is filled with the Word of God and when it obeys His commands. “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16). When a church stands united as one body in Christ, the world will come to know Jesus because it is through loving each other that we will prove ourselves to be true disciples of Jesus.
We, as a church, must reach out to the lost world, to the lost souls with the gospel and love of Christ. This means being compassionate to the needs of our community and taking actions. When we care for the needy and the marginalized in our community, the world will see God and His glory in the Church.

• Bridging all nations
The gospel of salvation is for all peoples and nations. God has called us to evangelize the whole world. We must carry out missions both over sea and in the land where we live in. Nowadays, many cities include various ethnic groups living in each city. What a wonderful opportunity for us to do mission in our everyday lives! The gospel of the Cross can overcome any barrier of cultural, ethnic, social, and language differences, and we will be able to truly experience heavenly worship and fellowship as all come together under the blessed Name, Jesus Christ. We ought to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the differences God created in all of us. It is a truly blessing to us!


The Purpose Driven Church, Ministry and the Purpose Driven Life
We were created to bring glory to God. Just as God has His purpose for creating an individual, each church, too, has God-given purpose and vision. In line with the vision and purpose of the Church, individual purposes and visions stand. Our life purposes will be fulfilled as we stand firm in the following five principles of a purpose driven life.

• Worship
We were created to worship Him. Worship is the greatest act that any human being can do to bring glory and joy to God. God takes joy in our worship. God is a spiritual Being so we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Through worship, we honor God, give Him thanks, and glorify His name.

• Fellowship
A church is the body of Christ. Each one of us shares in the body of Christ. As different parts of one body, we share joys, pains, victories, and tears of this life. We all need to be cared, taught, mentored, disciplined, nurtured, served, challenged, encouraged, and, most of all, loved. We must stand united in faith and love against all temptations and spiritual attacks of this world. Through the spiritual gifts God has given to each person, so we must faithfully serve one another. When people come together in the name of Jesus, ALL things are possible!

• Discipleship
We were created in the image of our God. However, Sin has distorted our lives by taking us as slaves. The good news is that Jesus died for our sins so that we can be born again! When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, the Holy Spirit dwells in us and teaches and guides us to live holy life. Our journey to become more like Jesus begins. This process of sanctification can only start after we are justified by God as righteous through the blood of Jesus Christ. We, Christians, are followers of Jesus Christ who want to learn from him and to live like him. We must strive become more like Christ everyday because it is God’s will for us to obey His commands and be like Him.

• Ministry
We were created to serve God and to serve one another. Jesus is our model for the true servant hood. He ministered to those who were poor and in need—the outcasts, the marginalized, and the so-called “sinners.” It is our responsibility to love and care for our neighbors. God has given each individual spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ. Our lives need to be driven by this God given Vision and Purpose, which serves as the foundation of our ministry.

• Mission
God created all human beings, and he wants all to be saved. This is our mission, and we must take part in God’s redemptive work for the lost. Jesus gave us the great commission: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matt. 28:19-20).

EM Ministry Teams:
Evangelism Team: Steve Weideman
Welcoming Team: Tammy Brooks
Ushers Team: Tim Lang