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M52 Concert

M52 Team “Thank You”

M52 “오병이어의 기적”

2011 Worship Camp

2011 Uprising Summer Retreat

제2기 새가족반 종강파티 – 2nd Newcomer’s Party

Philippines Missions

2011 마커스 워십 3

소망회 소풍

전교인 체육대회

전교인 체육대회

2011. 7. 2(토) / 스파나웨이 공원

2011 VBS – 여름성경학교

제1기 새가족반 종강파티 – 1st Newcomer’s Party

Teacher Appreciation Service (2011)

This was the highlight video from the Teacher’s Appreciation Service held on May of 2011.

Kingdom 21 Ending Video (2011)

This is a recap video for the Kingdom 21 Special Prayer Event held in 2011.

Kingdom Project #1: M52

This video was used to kickoff the M52 Kingdom Project in 2011.

Pastor Moon’s Retirement Celebration Video

Pastor Choi’s Inauguration Video