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Healing 153

2011 Harvest Night

36th Anniversary Joint Service 2011 Video

Zambia Mission 2010

Homeless outreach

2011 Worship Camp

M52 Concert

M52 Team “Thank You”

M52 “오병이어의 기적”

2011 Worship Camp

2011 Uprising Summer Retreat

제2기 새가족반 종강파티 – 2nd Newcomer’s Party

Philippines Missions

2011 마커스 워십 3

소망회 소풍

전교인 체육대회

전교인 체육대회

2011. 7. 2(토) / 스파나웨이 공원

2011 VBS – 여름성경학교

제1기 새가족반 종강파티 – 1st Newcomer’s Party

Teacher Appreciation Service (2011)

This was the highlight video from the Teacher’s Appreciation Service held on May of 2011.

Kingdom 21 Ending Video (2011)

This is a recap video for the Kingdom 21 Special Prayer Event held in 2011.